PowerPoint design and copywriting

Microsoft PowerPoint is a great tool for sales, business and training presentations. It is quite easy to get a grip on the simpler controls and settings and most people are adept at creating a basic slideshow. However, to use it to its full potential to create a professional and engaging presentation is more difficult, and time-consuming, so why not give the task to Longbow?

For example, animation can really bring a presentation to life, and there is a big range of animation features that most people do not use. It is also important to pay close attention to layout, fonts, text sizes, image resolution and a host of other details, and sometimes it is just easier to let someone else take care of all that.

Longbow can create a customised PowerPoint presentation for your business that is eye-catching and reflects your company’s branding and style. We can also source or create images to liven up the show. And because we don’t use design templates your presentation will  be unique to you.

Death by PowerPoint!

To keep an audience engaged, a PowerPoint presentation needs to be visually interesting and not too wordy, but this is where some presentations often fail.

To avoid the dreaded ‘death by PowerPoint’, a presentation should reinforce and enhance what the speaker is saying – not simply reproduce it word for word. It should also be eye-catching and engaging.

From your brief or rough draft, Longbow’s copywriter will produce concise text and bullet points that fit the page and catch the eye. We will create a presentation that is readable and engaging – we might also add some images or animation to liven things up and hold your audience’s attention.