Website copywriting

Website copywriting

We all write things every day, but not everyone is comfortable with writing copy, and others just don’t have the time. Also, if the copy is for your own business you may feel too close to it; someone on the outside will look at your business with fresh eyes. Longbow is happy to help with the copywriting process. We can write copy from scratch, or we can edit copy supplied by you. Either way, we will first make sure that we fully understand your business. Ideally we want to hear you talk about it and feel your passion, but we can also write copy from your notes, presentations, brochures or any other written material.

Good, well written copy is important for two reasons:

Informative  and engaging

Firstly, and obviously, good text makes the site readable and gives visitors the information that they want. It also steers them towards information that you want them to see. It is about clear wording, and good spelling and grammar.

SEO-friendly copy

Secondly, copywriting is an important part of the SEO process. Keywords must be taken into consideration as well as other factors such as headings. Google favours content that is well-structured and is easily readable.

How much copy should a web page have?

One of the criteria that search engines use for ranking is the amount of ‘useful’ content. For search purposes, Google recommends a minimum of 250-300 words per page, which it considers to be enough text to discern what the page is about and index it properly.

Note the word ‘useful’, though. It is not enough to fill a page with waffle. Neither should it just be crammed with keywords. Google is smarter than that. The text on a web page should be well written, well constructed and informative about what the site offers.