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What we did

Graphic design, Web design, Illustration

How we helped

Our latest web project is for the startup business, Instaboiler, a project by our client Top Plumb. If a commercial or public building has a boiler breakdown it’s a big problem for them and waiting for repair or replacement is not always an option. Instaboiler can come to the rescue by hiring them a boiler which is towed in a customised trailer to the site, where the boiler is connected to the building’s plumbing for as long as it is needed.

A common problem for new businesses is that they don’t yet have many – or any – pictures of what they do, as was the case with Instaboiler.  Longbow therefore worked with the talented young illustrator, Guy Rathbone, to create a series of illustrations. Created in cartoon style, they provide a light hearted and engaging explanation of the Instaboiler system.

See the Instaboiler website >>

Logo design

Instaboiler also asked Longbow to design a logo for the new venture.


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Temporary boiler hire from Instaboiler
Temporary boiler hire from Instaboiler

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Instaboiler logo