Who owns the copyright of a design?

Occasionally the question arises of who ‘owns’ a design. For example, if a client asks a designer to provide them with the files used to create a design. Under English law, the intellectual property rights in a design belong to the person who creates the work, not the person who commissions it. The rights of […]

The Ideal length for pages and posts in websites

Writing an article about SEO

In the competitive world of website Search Engine Optimisation, the ideal length for pages and posts has become a crucial consideration in. The length of text content directly impacts a website’s visibility on search engines like Google.

World backup day

Backups are so important. If you need convincing, see this site: https://www.worldbackupday.com/en

Company stationery – what are the legal requirements?

Company letterhead

When designing company stationery we need to keep in mind that there is some information that you are legally required to publish. This varies according to the type of business – sole trader, partnership, limited company and so on. This information is a quick summary (and does not constitute legal advice!) so to find out […]


Have you ever wondered about all this http / https stuff? The simple fact is that your site’s url should begin with https://…., for security, and to avoid getting penalised by Google. This blog explains it much better than I can.

Website for tax consultant

Website for accountant

Our latest web design project is for the tax consultancy Hawthorne Tax Consultants. Our aim was to create a site with a lively and engaging appearance and we wanted to avoid generic ‘business people shaking hands’ images. We therefore used graphic illustrations and lively colours to create the site. See the site here.

What’s the difference between domain hosting and web hosting?

Worldwide web

I am often asked what is the difference between a domain name and web hosting? In short, they are two separate things. What is a domain? A domain name is the address that people got to to see your website. If your website were a house, then your domain name would be its address. The […]

Search engine market share

king google

The term Search Engine refers to whatever search provider you use to search for websites. You could be forgiven for thinking that Google is the only one but in reality there are several. Other than Google, there is Microsoft’s Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo, as well as a few others. If you look at the statistics […]

Lighting anniversary poster

General Lamps poster

The lighting supplier General Lamps was started in 2000 and has become one of the country’s leading suppliers of light bulbs both online at┬álamps-on-line.com and as a wholesaler. Longbow was launched in the same year and we are proud to have worked with them since then to support their marketing, including their first website, a […]

New e-commerce website for UK Radon

website uk radon

Our latest e-commerce website is a fresh new look for the specialist technical contractor, UK radon Ltd. UK Radon helps people to identify and solve radon gas problems, which are particularly prevalent in Cornwall where the company is based. The previous site was created by us a few years ago and has been successfully delivering […]